Be looking for our new project to be released in the next couple of months...…"HYMNS OF THE AGES"


Welcome to our website!  Thanks for stopping by.  We encourage you to look around and get to know us and our music a little better!  In addition to the Jeremiah's Call  Tour Schedule, Gallery for pictures of our families, life on the road, holiday celebrations, and more.  If you are associated with a radio station please contact us and we will be pleased to get the   product you need  quickly and easily.  We hope you will support our ministry with your prayers.  We believe that we are doing what God has called us to do and our desire is that all Glory and Honor be His alone.



We are currently working on our new project do to be released by May 1st.  We are so excited to be starting to work on this and cant wait to share it with all of you!












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